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Florida APTS Program

The Florida Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) program develops strategies, promotes knowledge sharing, and supports the implementation of transit Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) activities. Under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Lehman Center for Transportation Research (LCTR) at Florida International University (FIU) provides technical assistance on Advanced Public Transportation Systems throughout Florida. The program is a key component in the Department’s efforts to provide Florida’s transit agencies with ITS technical assistance and technology transfer.

Program Objectives

To support and enhance the evolution of the Florida APTS program, LCTR maintains an inventory of the APTS technologies used by transit agencies throughout the state. The Florida APTS website is constantly updated to provide transit agencies with a useful source of information to assist them with planning, deploying, and using of new technologies. In addition, the Florida APTS program can provide technical assistance to transit agencies in Florida. The program can be used as a valuable resource for technology transfer and for sharing useful experiences. Lastly, the Florida APTS program promotes the benefits of using APTS technologies throughout the state. The program includes the following objectives:

• Collect information from the transit agencies in Florida to keep an up-to-date inventory of the APTS technologies currently used, in the process of implementing, or under consideration for future implementation.

• Provide transit ITS/APTS technology information and knowledge transfer as well as sharing experiences throughout the state. Lessons learned can be used to help transit agencies with the successful deployment of APTS technologies.
MetroThe picture above  is from Portland Oregon. The picture was taken during our visit to Tri-Met.It depicts an electronic fare payment system as well as a Real-Time Arrival Sign (Tracker System) at one of the MAX stations.

• Research state-of the art technologies and successful deployments around the country. This includes investigating uses of APTS the technology for the identification of innovative applications, opportunities for integration, and reported benefits.

• Use a website as means of providing useful information on transit ITS technologies that can help transit agencies with the planning, implementation, and efficient use of ITS technologies. The APTS website can be used as a valuable resource not only to learn about APTS, but also to seek technical assistance with anything related to transit ITS.

• Explore opportunities for the integration of APTS and ITS. The Florida APTS program can be used for identifying potential APTS and ITS technologies that can be used in conjunction to solve transportation problems in particular on urbanized area congested corridors.

Key Program Outputs

•Florida APTS Website
•Florida APTS Inventory
•APTS Training Material
•APTS Data Mining and Reporting
• Knowledge Sharing

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