Mission Information

The Florida Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) program will continue to develop, coordinate, and implement Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) activities and projects to provide Florida’s transit agencies with ITS technical assistance and technology transfer.

Under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Lehman Center for Transportation Research (LCTR) at the Florida International University (FIU), will assume the responsibility for developing, coordinating, and implementing the Florida APTS program to ensure the successful and cost effective deployment of Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) throughout Florida.

To support and enhance the evolution of the Florida APTS program, LCTR will continue to develop tools and strategies for harnessing the benefits of APTS through data mining and business intelligence, provide a framework for APTS training, and continue promoting the use of APTS technologies throughout the state, including:

  • Establishing a Florida APTS program to provide technical assistance and technology transfer for transit ITS technologies.
  • Investigating potential uses of data from APTS applications, and opportunities for integration.
  • Designing and implementing a database system based on existing transit ITS as well as other relevant transit technologies; thus creating a foundation for the business intelligence solutions that includes data mining and advanced data analyses.
  • Developing web and desktop applications that can be used to help transit agencies improve their efficiencies.
  • Conducting case studies to test the applications, outputs, and the underlying methodologies.
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