APTS Inventory Database


To support and enhance the evolution of the Florida APTS program, this research will continue to maintain an inventory of the APTS technologies used by transit agencies throughout the state. The Florida APTS website will be updated to provide transit agencies with a useful source of information to assist them with planning, deploying, and using of new technologies. Collecting information from the transit agencies in Florida to keep an up to-date inventory of the APTS technologies currently used, in the process of implementing, or under consideration for future implementation. Information from the APTS inventory can assist with regional coordination and state planning of ITS technologies. As transit agencies continue to implement and plan for new APTS systems, an accurate inventory is needed to assess the use of technology by the transit agencies and to identify their needs.

The inventory reports allow users to query and retrieve information regarding the Florida APTS technologies that are currently deployed in Florida as well as technologies that are being pursued by the transit agencies. The web reports are based on the information in the inventory database. The APTS inventory can help plan for APTS technologies, identify the agencies using similar technology, identify APTS needs, and have a big picture of the state-of-the-art of APTS technologies deployed and used in the State of Florida.

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