Mission Information
The Florida APTS program has yielded several research documents including three technology case studies, a scanning mission report, technical assistance, and an inventory of APTS technologies.

This year, the program has expanded to include a brochure , a newsletter and a data mining program.

The Florida APTS brochure is an informational outreach tool that explains the purpose of the program, outline resources available through the program, and provide key facts and figures of current APTS deployment in the State of Florida.

View the brochure in PDF format: Florida APTS Brochure

The newsletters report on APTS/ITS issues, trends, success stories, projects, meetings, etc, at agencies and around the state. The primary means of distribution is in electronic (PDF) format. Newsletters are available on the Florida APTS program website and agency and personnel involved with APTS technologies will be notified of newsletters by email correspondence. Hard copies are available upon request.

October 2008

March 2009

Data Mining is part of the Business Intelligence (BI) strategies that makes use of technologies to collect, store, analyze, access, retrieve, and present data to help organizations make intelligent business decisions. Data mining involves dealing with huge amounts of data and relevant information; it is often used to automatically find hidden patterns. Data mining can be used to solve complex problems in a matter of minutes. Its benefits have made it an increasingly important tool for filtering the vast amount of APTS data into useful information. Many industries are already taking advantage of the data mining strategies to be more competitive in the global market. As transit agencies continue to face financial challenges, similar approaches can be developed to meet the specific needs of the industry. This requires better use of existing resources to provide the best possible service.

To support and enhance the evolution of the Florida APTS program, LCTR will continue to develop tools and strategies for harnessing the benefits of APTS through data mining and business intelligence. The data mining program involves research of the state of the art for public transportation agency data collection, analysis and archiving processes. It focuses on how transit agencies use of data collected from APTS technologies. With the use of data from APTS technologies, together with BI techniques, operational efficiencies can be significantly improved.

For any questions concerning the data mining task, please contact Dr. Fabian Cevallos at fabian.cevallos@fiu.edu

One of the objectives of Florida APTS program is to provide technical assistance and technology transfer for transit ITS technologies. The Florida APTS program provides resources to transit agencies in an informative, relevant, and practical manner. This is part of the Florida Department of Transportation's effort to promote and enhance the understanding, knowledge, and technical skills of transit professionals and it will help facilitate the deployment and use of advanced technologies in Florida.
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