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The APTS Inventory Query Tool allows users to find information about the APTS systems in Florida. The tool has four different sections that can be used to query the APTS Inventory database: Agency, APTS Category, Current Status, and Report Type. Each of these sections allows users to refine their search. The Agency section lists the transit agencies in Florida that have provided APTS information. The APTS Category lists the technologies used by the Florida transit agencies. Current Status allows to find information depending whether the APTS systems are in Development, Implementation, Operational, or Planned. The Report Type section allows the generation of four different reports: Full Report, Cost per Agency Report, Units Report, and Urban/Rural Report. After selecting the entries in these sections, the report can be generated by clicking the Submit button. If there are no selections, clicking the Submit button will generate a report with all the information available in the database. Once the report is generated, it can be exported to Excel or pdf by clicking on the “Select a format” dropdown menu at the top of the report.
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