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Advanced Traveler Information System
Advanced traveler information systems provides information to transit patrons prior to and during a trip. The user can access the information at home, work, on the way to stop, at the stop, on board the vehicle. Travelers can access the real-time information through telephones, cable televisions, variable message signs, kiosks, hand held devices, or personal computers.
Information that may be provided to the users is grouped into three categories:
  • Static information
  • Itinerary planning information
  • Real-time information
With static information, travelers can find route, schedule, transfer requirements, bus stop locations, and maps by calling the transit center or by transit agency’s website. This type of information is considered as statics as the information does not respond to real-time conditions. This type of information can be reached to the user by displaying on kiosks, video displays, transit internet websites, and over phone.

Itinerary planning information provides transit routes, fares, transfers based on origin and destination, desired time of travel, walking distance, and modal preference. Itineraries are given that may include walking directions from origin to transit stop, from stop to another en-route, and from the final transit stop to the destination. This method of planning is directed to those passengers who are making one-time trips or who are less familiar with the available transportation services and destinations.

Real-time information provides the real-time status of the system to the transit users regarding expected arrival/departure times, delays of routes, service disruption, passenger loading and re-routings. Real-time information is generally obtained by Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) equipped vehicles and can be accessed by travelers through in-vehicle displays, mobile phones, personal computers, information kiosks, cable television and interactive voice response telephone systems.

ATIS can be categorized into those technologies that are used before a trip takes place, those technologies that are used at stops or stations, and those technologies that are used while riding the transit vehicles.

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