APTS Technologies
In-terminal Transit Information Systems
These systems provide arrival/departure information of transit systems at stops/ terminals. This information is displayed on monitors, variable message signs, sign boards, and electronic signs. This information can be static or real-time. Real-time information systems require a communications link to a central computer system.
Video monitors These are often used to provide large amount of information like arrival and departure times, real time information on vehicle delays, time, weather, news, stocks and other information that passengers might be interested in. These monitors can cut down the perceived waiting time of the passengers. These can also generate revenue as marketers can reach the passengers through advertising.

Electronic Signs These provides the information regarding next bus arrival and messages regarding the delay of the vehicle. Electronic signs generally provides little amount of information but at a considerable distance from the user.

Audio Systemsmay be activated.
These systems provide the real-time information regarding the arrival times of the vehicles. Pre-programmed voice messages may be activated. This can be useful for people with visually impaired.

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