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Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management Systems perform many tasks, including the monitoring of major onboard vehicle components to provide warnings of failures and to assist managers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of maintenance operations. This technology also includes software that manages the maintenance records of transit vehicles.

In monitoring vehicle components, an on-board microcomputer is connected to various input devices: passenger sensors, GPS receiver, ramp deployment signals, and odometer sensor, which can record the following characteristics:
  • Acceleration / Deceleration
  • Speed / RPM
  • Engine run time
  • Direction (zigzags)
  • Door usage
  • Cumulative distance
External sensors can also be connected to the on-board microcomputer to record the following:
  • Temperature (engine, coolant, interior passenger comfort)
  • Road conditions (vibration), air compression usage (tire pressure)
  • Stress on brakes
The computer uses these devices to store data in its non-volatile memory. When a vehicle returns to the garage, the data is downloaded via a high-speed link to the garage computer. From there, the data is made available for final processing to the end user via the local computer network. Detailed statistics can be obtained using a preventive maintenance software application.

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