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Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems
Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems form the core of IVS and come in many varieties. Many of these systems are under development or are only commerically available in automobiles or trucks. There are two systems that are commerically available for buses: Lane changing warning systems and Advanced collision notification systems.

Lane changing warning systems are a type of collision warning system that use microwave RADAR or machine vision to alert bus operators to the presence of vehicles or obstructions in an adjacent lane when the driver prepares to change lanes.

Advanced collision notification systems use in-vehicle crash sensors, GPS technology, and wireless communications systems to supply public/private call centers with crash location information, severity of the accident, and number of passengers onboard. Such systems may also automatically transmit video images of the crash scene if vehicles are so equipped.

Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems for public transit are not yet widely deployed in the U.S. and have only begun to reach the demonstration stage. In addition to the technologies listed above, driver alertness warnings, and in-vehicle enhancement systems are all commercially avaiable for over-the-road trucks, and appear to be sufficiently proven to allow immediate implementation in public trasnit.

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