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Vehicle Guidance/Automation

Vehicle Guidance/Automation systems are intended to help transit operators link multiple buses into close-coupled convoys (i.e. trains) and assist drivers with routine tasks to reduce driver workload.

Vehicle Guidance/Automation technologies include:

  • Navigation and route guidance systems;
  • Precision docking systems;
  • Adaptive cruise control systems;
  • Coupling/decoupling systems; and
  • Lane keeping assistance systems
Of these, only the first two are commerically available on buses. Navigation and route guidance systems use GPS technology to reduce driver error, increase safety, and save time by improving driver decision making in unfamiliar areas. Precison docking systems use machine vision, microwave RADAR, communications based train control, or magnetic tags/strips to automate precise positioning at loading/unloading areas.

Vehicle Guidance/Automation technologies are not yet widely deployed in the U.S. with only one reported case of an agency using a precision docking application.

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