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Onboard Integration
Intelligent Onboard Bus Integration provides the means by which various stand alone equipment modules found on a transit bus can be made to interoperate with each other. The ability for this equipment to work together maximizes the functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the overall transit operation, while minimizing total life cycle cost (LCC). Moreover, effective onboard system integration that results in fewer and simpler user interfaces will also be the key to realizing potential improvements in vehilce safety by facilitating driver acceptance of a wide variety of ITS collision avoidance technologies.

Currently, the most commonly used open network technology for state-of-the-art intelligent onboard bus integration is one built on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1708 standard for serial data communications between microcomputer systems in heavy duty vehicle applications. Less common is the Information Technology (IT) industry standard "Ethernet", which can be used in wireless, wireline, and fiber option implementations. Wireless Ethernet is currently the emerging industry standard for vehicle- to-wayside communications, and is commonly used for such automated garage-based applications as upload of sign and schedule tables and download of event recorder, vehicle monitoring info, and passenger count data.

The great majority of recent system implementations have included some degree of onboard system integration across a standard network. Most common is integration between an AVL system, the powertrain, and an automatic passenger counting (APC) system to provide an event logging function that captures time-stamped vehicle condition, ridership, and vehicle position data for offline analysis. Somewhat less common at present is the addition of stop annunciation, destination sign control, digital video recording, and fare collection to provide single-point operator sign-on for all onboard systems.

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