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Onboard Safety and Security
Onboard security systems provide remote monitoring and recording of the passenger safety environment on board transit vehicles. These systems may include Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), event recorders, silent alarms, covert microphones, and/or intercoms.

The most basic video "surveillance" system produces black-and-white images. These images are scanned every few seconds from stationary installations onboard buses and then uploaded and archived when the vehicle returns to the garage. A more advanced system would produce full-color digital video recordings transmitted in real time via wireless broadband local area networks (LANs) back to the agency's operations center. While many transit systems employ the basic system, there are currently no installations of the more advanced system on any system in the U.S. The primary obstacle is lack of bandwith to transmit the high-density digital video from moving vehicles. As improvements in bandwith technology are made, such applications may become a reality for transit systems.

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