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Station/Facility Security
Station/Facility systems are devices that provide remote monitoring and recording of the passenger safety environment in stations, transit facilities, parking lots, and at transit stops. Video surveillance systems are the linchpin in most transit agencies' station and facilty security systems because they have the potential to tie together many other stand-alone aspects of safety and security systems, such as fencing, barrier, lighting, access control, sensor, and crisis manangement systems.

The primary advantage of these systems is their ability to record and archive infomration for real-time and archival use. For example, video makes it possible to determine whether one or more persons "piggybacked" off a single access card entry into a control room, whether it was a human intruder or an animal breaching a fence at a maintenance facility, or whether there are casualties resulting from a chemical release on a station platform. Acting in stand-alone mode, access control systems, fence alarms, and chemical detection systems can only provide minimal prevention and detection. Combining these systems with video, however, significantly enhances their effectivness.

Benefits to the agency beyond safety and security are significant. When people know that incidents have been recored, they are less likely to file a false claim against the agency, resulting in substantial savings to the agency. Customer service complaints can also be checked against video records to verify their accuracy.

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