APTS Technologies
Automated Service Coordination
Automated Service Coordination involves the cooperation of multiple transportation providers in a region using advanced technologies to automate routine activities in transit operations. Several different APTS technologies are employed to facilitate automated service coordination. The most prevalent technology applications are: central and remote scheduling and CAD, automatic vehicle location (AVL), advanced communications, and automated fare payment.

The procurement aspect of coordination, where multiple agencies in a region coordinate to purchase the same APTS equipment and software, can be very useful. This can reduce the per unit costs of APTS items and also allow agencies to share information and potentially coordinate service much easier.

There are some institutional barriers in creating regional or multi-jurisdictional coordination of automated services. First of all, some agencies lack the technology hardware, software, or personnel with the adequate technical expertise to procure or deploy APTS technologies. Smaller agencies are at a obvious disadvantage due to smaller staffs and resources. Other issues are lack of communication between agencies, different priorities or agendas, and ownership rights.

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