APTS Technologies
Transportation Management Centers
Transportation Management Centers (TMCs) assist transit agencies in improving transit service by providing information on traffic conditions and incidents. This may allow transit vehicles to bypass roadway blockages and thereby reduce running time delays.

These centers are designed to monitor, manage, or control transit and/or traffic operations. All TMCs integrate a variety of APTS and/or ITS technologies to more effectively manage public transit and traffic resources and capacity.

The key ITS technologies within TMCs are communication systems, surveillance and detection systems, and management and control systems. These systems incorporate technologies such as: closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and loop detectors to capture information on traffic conditions and incidents on highways and at major intersections; AVL-equipped transit vehicles that act as traffic probes and provide valuable information on traffic flow, especially on roadways not monitored by the TMC; transit signal priority systems; and computer programs that use algorithms for assessing real-time congestion.

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